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Lyft is an American ride-sharing company based in San Francisco. Lyft's main goal is to connect passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car.

Lyft was founded in 2012 and operates in more than 300 cities. To get a Lyft taxi car, download their Lyft app directly from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Lyft Fare Estimator

How to use it: Enter your pickup and drop-off location and let the Lyft estimator show you the Lyft fare estimates.

Be updated and get Lyft tips on our Facebook page. This Lyft estimate tool gives you real-time fares.

Lyft Promo Code

If you are a first time user of Lyft taxi, you can use the official Lyft promo code. If you already are using Lyft, you can earn free rides by referring friends. You will get a free Lyft ride when your friends take a Lyft taxi.

Lyft Driver Requirements

To be a Lyft driver you need to follow Lyft safety standards. You need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver's license, clean driving record, pass the criminal background check and car insurance.

Lyft Jobs

Work for Lyft and improve the way transportation works for a lot of people. Lyft offers good medical insurance + free transportation money each month. There are plenty of Lyft job openings now.


Tip Lyft Driver

Lyft is giving you a cashless experience, which means no need to take any cash up for tipping your Lyft driver. You can adjust the amount you want to tip inside the Lyft app or by clicking "Tip driver" directly at the bottom of your e-mail receipt.

Lyft vs. Uber

While Uber is going global Lyft is making sure to establish a service-minded and reliable service in the Lyft cities. You can see more facts on Lyft vs Uber such as valuation and fares prices. Both Uber and Lyft are part of the sharing economy.

Lyft ride in advance

Sure thing, you can easily schedule your Lyft ride! First, select your destination, then tap "Schedule". Now you can select a date and time and confirm the pickup and dropoff and you're good to go. It's really smart to scheduling a ride, read more about it here.

Visa-free trips

While Lyft is mostly driving in the United States, a lot of you guys loves to travel abroad. Lyft doesn't care about your passport, but when you can actually visit a lot of countries visa-free today.

Lyft Estimator

To get the real-time Lyft fare estimate you can use our Lyft estimator at the top of the page. You can compare the prices with any Uber calculator to find the cheapest route.

Lyft Competitors

Lyft's biggest competitor is Uber who operates worldwide. Use the Uber estimator tool to estimate the fares for all the cities where both Uber and Lyft are driving in.