Lyft Estimate

Lyft Stock Price

Curious about Lyft shares? Keep an eye on the price of Lyft stock chart to stay informed about how the company is performing in the stock market.

The latest Lyft share price is 12.48. Over the past six months, Lyft's stock price ranged from as low as 12.13 to as high as 20.28.


Who is Lyft?

Lyft is a company that offers rides and rentals through a mobile app. You can use it to get a ride from a friendly driver, or rent a bike or scooter when you need them.

You can make a Lyft estimate to get the price of the trip you want or check out the full list of cities where Lyft operates.

Lyft is available in many US and Canadian cities and some international places. They have various ride options like budget-friendly, extra seats, premium, and eco-friendly choices.

If you're interested in their stock, it's called LYFT, and it's traded on NASDAQ.


Six-Month Chart

Please see below the Lyft stock price chart for the past six months:

Investor relations

If you have any questions about their stock offerings or investor relations, Lyft demonstrates a strong commitment to customer satisfaction by offering accessible customer support reachable by phone, ensuring a seamless experience for all passengers.