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Lyft Customer Service

Lyft Inc. is dedicated to enhancing its customer care services for all riders. If you require assistance, you can contact Lyft through their customer service hotline or choose from various other customer care channels. Need help from Lyft customer service? Read here!


Lyft Emergency Contact

If you ever encounter an emergency situation while using Lyft, rest assured that there's a dedicated Critical Response Line available 24/7.

This hotline is designed to address all emergency-related concerns and can be used by both drivers and passengers. You can reach Lyft's emergency customer care at 855-865-9553.

Lyft Customer Service

Lyft Customer Support for Drivers

Please note that the above-mentioned Lyft number is specifically for drivers.

You might wonder, "What qualifies as an emergency?" Emergencies include instances such as encountering illegal or dangerous passenger behavior, safety concerns, accidents while driving in driver mode, and more. Your safety is Lyft's priority.


Lyft on Twitter

Twitter is another way to contact Lyft Customer Service. You can reach them via the Twitter handle @asklyft, usually available every day from 7 am to 9 am.

If you provide plenty of details to the Lyft customer support team, you can expect a super-fast response time on Twitter.

Lyft via Email

You can easily get in touch with Lyft Customer Care by sending an email to Afterward, the Lyft messaging system will automatically ensure that your request is followed up by the first available Lyft service supporter.

Lyft Offices

Lyft is opening local offices in various cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, NYC, Nashville, and more.

These offices provide a platform where drivers can receive assistance and connect with other members of the Lyft community for better support.